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Our Turnkey Quartz Process

At CHD, we know that elegant, durable countertops can make your dream home into a reality. We use the best quartz, granite and stone materials available, and take pride in our fabrication process, which allows us to deliver the highest-quality countertops to you. Serving the Front Range of Colorado since 2013.

Wide Range of Colors

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Stain Resistant

1. Design

Remodeling Experts

Unlike other quartz wholesales, our showroom and services are open to the general public, serving both homeowners and contractors throughout the Front Range of Colorado. We encourage partnering with interior remodeling experts because they can offer advice on items like sinks, faucets, and appliances, and on the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. Their guidance can help you select your quartz countertop in a color and style that will work well with the aesthetic of your home.

Quartz Material Selection

You can view descriptions of the materials we use to craft countertops on our materials page, and view samples on supplier websites and at your local home improvement and kitchen and bath stores. We handle a very wide range of natural stone, quartz, and solid surface materials.

Quartz Edge Selection

The edge profile you choose for your countertop can significantly affect its overall aesthetic. Find your options for edge profiles below, and enjoy trying them out on sample countertops using the visualization tools our suppliers provide on their websites- we’ve included the links to these tools on our Materials page for you.


Your home remodeling expert will let us know when you’ve selected a material and edge profile and are ready to move forward with the process. When you are, we get in touch to schedule a template at your home.





Double Round


Triple Pencil



Double Ogee

2. Selection

Remodeling Experts

When we schedule your template, we’ll ask for specifications on all your appliances, including your sink and faucet, to verify that you’re ready. We also provide this information to our template team in advance to help them prepare for your home template visit.


Getting measurements right at template is essential to making sure your countertop has the right dimensions for your space. Our template team uses the latest laser measuring equipment to measure for your countertop, verifying important details like the positions and levelness of your cabinets, your appliances, and the size of any overhangs.


We ask you to be present for the duration of the template visit because we’ll need your input on your vision for your countertop and to talk to you about seam placement, overhangs, radius corners, supports, and more. Most countertops require seams, and we will work with you to find the best locations depending on the size of the pieces, the safety of our crews, the size of the cutouts and the design of your kitchen. We will also need to discuss any work which may have to be done before installation.


After the template is complete, we review our Template Information Form with you line by line to make sure all the information is accurate. We also provide you with a rough drawing of your countertop layout, including seam positions, and maintenance and warranty information for the countertop material you selected.


Please note that although we do our best to decide on seam positions with you, our fabrication team sometimes needs to change them after the template due to structural or material cost considerations. If this happens, we will call to confirm these changes with you. The final pricing for your countertop will be confirmed through your remodeling expert after the template.

Quartz Material Selection

You can view descriptions of the materials we use to craft countertops on our materials page, and view samples on supplier websites and at your local home improvement and kitchen and bath stores. We handle a very wide range of natural stone, quartz, and solid surface materials.

Slab View

Granite slabs naturally have variation and are not identical to the samples you see in stores. You are welcome to come to our fabrication shop to view and approve the exact slab that will be used to fabricate your countertop.


Viewing your slab is particularly important with exotic granites. Customers who select materials with lots of movement in them often choose to request specific parts of their slabs for specific parts of their countertops (which may incur additional costs). If you’re not able to come view your slab, we’re happy to send you a picture of the slab, but a visit is always better.


Most materials other than granite vary within a close range of the samples in store and slab viewing is not usually required. However, we are happy to show typical slabs from our inventory if you would prefer to see a slab.

3. Fabrication

Remodeling Experts

Our CAD team creates precise digital drawings from the template drawings we made at your home. Final decisions on seams, and any other design changes necessitated for structural or material cost reasons will be discussed and finalized with you at this time. Once CAD is complete, we use these drawings to program the equipment our fabricators use to craft your new countertop out of the slab of material you’ve selected.


We measure, cut, and polish your new countertop to your specifications in our 40,000-square foot, state-of-the-art fabrication facility. We are constantly investing in new, advanced technologies that allow us to cut and shape granite, quartz, and solid surface with extreme precision.


Our highly skilled and experienced team of fabricators checks over and hand finishes every countertop we produce.

4. Installation

Remodeling Experts

Installation usually takes place about 3 weeks after your template, though this can vary based on your countertop design, our material inventory, and any design changes that take place during CAD.


Provided all the information from the template is correct, and the kitchen is properly prepared, then installation for a typical countertop will take 2-3 hours.


In this short time, our installers will move approximately 800 pounds of stone into your kitchen, dry fit your countertop, and trim it on site for your custom fit. They will then secure your countertop in place, finish any seams and add any finishing touches required.


The final product is an elegant, durable countertop you will enjoy for years to come.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about us. The quality materials we carry and the technical excellence in our production process are what makes Colorado Homes & Design different.

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